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We've heard it said that "NoLimitz masts are the next best thing to a lifetime warranty." And we could not agree more. No matter how unspeakable the conditions you confront might be, you go out there with the confidence that you are operating with the most durable mast made. This we know because we make them right here in White Salmon WA, with total control over everything about them. From the aerospace grade materials, experienced craftsmanship, and certified manufacturing process, NoLimitz really does have your back. NoLimitz very well might be the next best thing to a "life-time warranty."

1-Year Warranty Terms

It is simple…

Your mast is covered for 1-year from retail purchase against any manufacturing defects. However, it has been proven for over 25-years that we are experts at what we do, and historically have not had any issues. In the super rare case that you have a mast break, please contact your retail shop, and we will make sure you are taken care of properly. We are a no-hassle, no BS company, and we stand by our products.

No gimmicks here.

Some other brands are trying to use other marketing techniques or gimmicks, such as “2-year” warranty etc.. but realistically if there was a manufacturing defect your mast would likely break on the first rig, or sailing session. If by very rare chance your NoLimitz mast breaks within the first year, or even 2-year period, we will make sure you get taken care of properly. Please read some of our testimonials below….



Rider Testimonial

“I get a lot of heat for sailing alone in what some may consider life-threatening conditions.  (Please don’t tell my mother.)  But I’m not alone.  The crew at NoLimitz has my back in a huge way.  Tirelessly tweaking and innovating the skinny ever since the early nineties.  I am so grateful.  Those masts make me brave.  With respect and gratitude.”

– Dana Miller-

Riding NoLimitz since 1992.


Retail Shop Testimonial

“Big Winds has been partnered with NoLimitz for about the past 20 years (who else remembers 1-piece masts?) with the common goal of offering the highest performance, most -durable, and most widely compatible windsurfing masts available, all at a fair price. I personally can’t remember the last time I saw a NoLimitz mast come through our door needing warranty service! NoLimitz continues to meet our expectations for not only great products, but also for consistently fast and friendly service. Thanks to the crew at NoLimitz, and here’s to another great 20 years!”


-Mark Ames – Big Winds


Retail Shop Testimonial

“The only thing better than the great NoLimitz warranty program is NEVER HAVING TO USE IT.  Here at Wind-NC, we choose NoLimitz masts for our massive rental fleet.  Why?  We need something that is extremely durable, very light, and attractively priced.  NoLimitz masts offer all of that and more- including the peace of mind knowing that if something does go wrong with your mast, they’ll take care of it for us.  It is a No Brainer decision to use NoLimitz Masts.”

-Andy McKinney-Owner of Wind-NC in Avon, NC


Northwave Sails

After one too many swims back to the beach from breaking so many of the old standard diameter masts, we started testing and appreciating the Nolimitz Skinny masts back in the early 90’s.  The rumors are true, and time has proven these Nolimitz skinny’s just don’t break!

Manufactured by an aerospace co. using the highest technology and latest materials available, they are literally the toughest and most reliable mast we have ever used on our sails. Their QC is top-notch, and the product is always consistent.

Their customer service has always been great, Northwave highly recommends NoLimitz!

-Northwave Sails- www.northwavesails.com