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World's Most Durable Masts
...fueled by desire

It is without a doubt that NoLimitz brings the best value for the lightest, most durable masts on the planet.  Since day one, the Nolimitz attitude has been FULED BY THE DESIRE to use composite materials to their full potential. Not only has this ethic revolutionized windsurfing, it resulted in us becoming a leader in composite work across many other industries.

Leaders In Carbon Design
NoLimitz has the Edge

Nobody understands carbon fiber engineering more than NoLimitz. Take a look through our “about” page, and learn more on how NoLimitz is an industry leader in composite work far beyond just the recreational industry. NoLimitz really has the “leading edge” you are looking for!

Our Engineering Experience
Your Peak Potential

Pure engineering is what we do, and you should take advantage of our experience and expertise. NoLimitz has 6 engineers on staff, and is constantly working on refining the best performing products humanly possible.