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Wyatt Miller

Email: wyattmiller525@gmail.com
Hometown: Berkeley, Ca
Current location: La Ventana, Baja California Sur (Oct-March)  Gorge Summers,  SF in the middle
Sponsors: No Limitz, Starboard, Severne, Dakine, Makani Fins, Prolimit wetsuits
Website: www.prowindsurflaventana.com
Windsurfing since: Planing in the straps and harness since 13
Your car/Windsurfing Rig: E-350 Sportsmobile van with a 7.5L V8.  The fridge is the best part, haha.

Favorite Sailing Spot:

The Wall in the Gorge or Punta San Carlos Baja, Mex.   The Wall has huge smooth swell when its blasting 4.0 and you can hit push loops and back loops both directions and its warm, doesn’t get much better than that.   For wavesailing I’ve had a few days of mile long logo high rides in San Carlos in September with boardhsorts, bottom turning till your arms give out.

Favorite Rig Setup:

4.4 Severne Freek with 370 Sumo and 101 L Starboard Flare.  The best freestyle setup.

Favorite Session Fuel:

Lampoiis Thai food from the the Windance parking lot.

Pre-Session Pump Up Jams:

Lil Wayne

Post Session Jams:

Billy Ocean “Caribbean Queen”

Dream Session:

Punta San Carlos or The Wall Baja mast high breaking for over a mile with perfect side off wind. 

Working On?

Kabikuchi (regular Kono to reverse)

Windsurfing Pet Peeve:

Kiters, always in the way and never doing anything worthy.  

Scariest Moment?

I don’t know about scariest but the worst was hearing my ACL pop during a forward in the Lord of the Wind contest in Los Barilles Baja.  I knew it was bad and I would probably be shore bound for almost a year.  Luckily my buddy Tyson Poor sailed by and dragged me in while Bryan Metcalf-Perez got my stuff.  I had to be carried out of the water.  No fun at all.

Best Move(s)?

Spock to Culo, Spock to Kono

Want anything else from NoLimtiz?

Make booms and SUP paddles.