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Royn Bartholdi

Email: royn@roynbartholdi.com

Hometown: Blaine MN, USA

Sponsors: NoLimitz, Chinook, Dakine, JP, Neil-Pryde, Promotion

Website: www.roynbartholdi.com

Windsurfing since: 1992

You car/Windsurfing Rig: 2000 Honda CRV with backseats removed. I can get 3 boards and all my gear inside while still maintaining 25 mpg.

Favorite Sailing Spot:

The Wall in the Gorge, Gnarloo Australia, and San Carlos Mexico.

Favorite Rig Setup:

83 liter board and my 4.2 meter sail rigged on the NoLimitz Original Skinny.

Favorite Sesh Fuel:

Double espresso on the way to the beach. Peanut butter and bananas or broccoli and cabbage at the beach.

Pre-sesh pump up music:

High energy rock such as Aerosmith, Metallica, etc…

Post-sesh music:

Alternatives such as Citizen Cope, XA (X-Ambassadors), etc…

Dream Session:

Rock solid wind on my 4.2… huge ramps … only 5 fellow sailors on the water …I am in the zone and landing all the moves… connected… You know, those Zen days.

What you are working on now:

I like to mix it up depending on the condition. On the windier days I am trying to get consistent on my starboard back loops and learning port side aerials; on moderate days I am working on the Kono and Shaka; on super light wind days I like to be creative with the classics like trying the Haas Tack with one hand or performing the Upwind 360 clew first. Everyday on the water is fun and there is always something fun to work on.

Scariest moment sailing ever:

I was trying double forwards around 2005 (they are scary) and injured my shoulder. I guess the move has slipped out of my radar now and serves as good life lesson in “Letting Go”.   I saw a great white shark while sailing in western OZ and that was scary, not to mention a great motivator to making your jibes. The guy that jumped and landed his board right on top of my head while I was water starting was a scary moment… accidents happen … but my memory has never been quite the same.

Best move(s)?

I love learning new moves but my go-to buddies are Forwards and Shove-Its.

What else do you like to see NoLimitz/ICE do…?

Wow! The masts are bomber so I would love to see NoLimitz expand into booms and boards. As a telemark and alpine skier, maybe the company could build premium skis that would be competitive with G3 and Black Diamond.

Anything else to add?:

I have tried different mast brands in the past and have broken all of them. The NoLimitz masts are truly the most durable on the market.