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Patrick Bergeron

Hometown: Québec / Maui
Current location: Québec / Maui
Sponsors: Sailworks, DaKine, NoLimitz
Windsurfing since: I can remember!
Your car/Windsurfing Rig: GMC Van

Favorite Sailing Spot:

Hookipa is and always will be Hookipa, a good day there is always great fun; The Wall is bar none the best river sailing in the world; then heading towards a 20 foot vertical face about to break while wound up on 4.2 at Lower Kanaha brings lots of joy while getting ejected skyward; otherwise, anywhere I’m with my best sailing buddies is where it matters, even on a 5 degrees celcius late fall nukin’ session back in Canada.

Favorite Rig Setup:

4.6 Revo with my trustworthy 400 Sumo.  4.6 just feels like it’s the most ergonomically-friendly sail size for the human-scale; full power to do all sort of stuff and go high, yet enough time to adjust in mid-flight …unlike overpowered 3.8, fun, but when things go bad, they go bad fast and furious.

Favorite Sesh Fuel:

The sun!

Pre-sesh pump up music:

White Zombie with my ol’ friend Ollie in his big red van heading to some secret desert spot.

Post-sesh music:

The wind whistling through the open window while looking at the scenery on the way home…

Dream Session:

A secret spot that happens only once in a blue moon, 4.6 side-offshore with mast-high waves providing 60 second+ down-the-line riding …then there were those numerous endless sessions in the company of close friends at The Wall with the orange cliffs while ripping the clean smooth swells until dark …dream sessions do come true!!

What you are working on now:

Getting back in the water ASAP!

Biggest pet peeve about windsurfing:

Frozen fingers and not “feeling” things and unable to hold on no more even though the conditions are epic…   

Scariest moment sailing ever:

Holding onto a coral head at the bottom of Hookipa Lanes while waiting for a ginormous set to go over my head on a Kona wind day…

Best move(s)?

After 3,424,376 cracks at it, I still really enjoy big back loops!… Waveriding rocks, but there is still a big part of me that absolutely loves the “time stands still” feeling of jumps!

What else do you like to see NoLimitz/ICE do…?

Would love a new boom model that could revolutionize the boom industry the way the Original Skinny revolutionized the mast industry!

Anything else to add?:

Props to RyanK (NoLimitz), BruceP (Sailworks) and BillM (DaKine) for all the stoke and support throughout all the years of fun on and off the water!!