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Nick Dudet

Email: nicolasdk@gmail.com
Hometown: Cancun, Mexico
Current location: Maui, Hawai’i
Sponsors: NoLimitz, Simmer Style, Dakine, Goya Windsurfing, Chinook
Website: www.nicolasdudet.com
Windsurfing since: 2005
Your car/Windsurfing Rig: Toyota Matrix

Favorite Sailing Spot:

My favorite sailing spot is currently Ho’okipa as I love to sail with all of the locals and pros.  The wave is fast and super fun to ride even though it can get crowded!

Favorite Rig Setup:

4.5 Blacktip with 18 mph winds and rip it up on my thruster set up with solid head to logo high waves.

Favorite Sesh Fuel:

Fresh coconut water and fresh orange juice! 🙂

Pre-sesh pump up music:

On Top of The World by Imagine Dragons

Post-sesh music:

Follow the Sun by Xavier Rudd

Dream Session:

Cabo Verde logo to mast high down the line heaven.  Watching the action in Cabo Verde and the awesome aerials there has made me daydream of windsurfing on epic waves that seem eternal and give you the rush of your life as you tear it up with close friends having a blast! 

What you are working on now:

I am working on fine tuning my bottom and top turns, reading the waves more precisely so I can flow with the ocean and dance in the most exciting and majestic way with the waves and the wind. Also working on my Wave 360s and Takas.

Biggest pet peeve about windsurfing:

That not enough people have gotten to experience the thrill of flying across the water while harnessing the wind!  I wish more people around the world can experience this exhilarating and inspiring sport!

Scariest moment sailing ever:

Mast high Ho’okipa, very light wind and wiped out right in front of the rocks… After swimming after my gear and getting a hold of my sail, going under a few huge waves and actually a few feet from going on the rocks, I was able to get some wind under my sail and get the current to push me sideways and quickly got on my board!  100% focus and presence is required in these moments. 

Best move(s)?

Flaka, Backloop, Forward Loop and Aerial off the lip.