1265 N Main Ave.

White Salmon, WA 98672

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Kevin McGillivray

Email: wavesail@ymail.com
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Current location: Santa Barbara, CA
Sponsors: Nolimitz, Gaastra, Tabou, Pritchard Windsurfing, Kaenon Polarized
Windsurfing since: 1995
Your car/Windsurfing Rig: 1996 Toyota 4 Runner (327,000 miles!!!!)

Favorite Sailing Spot:

Punta San Carlos takes the prize on that!  The sailing conditions are perfect for any level and offer everything you want as a wave sailor.  Fun at any size, smooth glassy faces, jumps up at “leftovers” when it’s big enough.  The isolation of the area brings all of the like-minded people together, so the camaraderie in camp just adds to the experience.

Favorite Rig Setup:

Currently, I’d have to say my 75L Tabou DaCurve with 4.5 Gaastra IQ are my favorite toys.  The 4.5 takes a 370 mast, so I’m running a Nolimitz Skinny bottom and Sumo top.  That whole rig and board set up is super light, so everything is extra responsive on the water so the sailing is effortless.

Favorite Sesh Fuel:

There’s nothing like waking up early on a cool crisp day, realizing it’s going to be an All Day Jalama Day.  A big, fat, chorizo, potato, egg and cheese breakfast burritto on the way up is necessary!!

Pre-sesh pump up music:

Nothing too specific- I’ll just crank up a Spotify Party playlist and keep FFWD-ing until I find something I like!

Post-sesh music:

Same thing except the Chill playlist.

Dream Session:

My dream session would include 5 or so good friends, warm wind and warm, clear 100 foot visibilty water.  We’d all be on a boat and just travel from spot to spot and score perfect logo high reef passes.  Hmmmm….. maybe I should plan that Marshall Islands trip and make my dream a reality!!  Really, it’s anything with some adventure as part of the experience.  I’ve had some dream sessions before in some unexpected places.  You just never know….

What you are working on now:

Out of the 100 things I’m working on, I’d say at the moment, I’m working most on a wave 360.  So close…

Biggest pet peeve about windsurfing:

I’d say my biggest pet peeve about windsurfing is the way the industry markets itself to the public.  Windsurfers are doing amazing things on the water in all of the disciplines, but the public still only sees ads with someone on a one-design going .00005 mph on a gray lake.  I don’t really have any answers, though.  It just seems there’s good media produced out there, it’s just not getting to the right people.

Scariest moment sailing ever:

That’s easy-  25 + Jalama with barely enough wind to get out.  Actually, I was the only one to make it out.  Once I did, I realized “Now, that was stupid.”  I got smashed coming back in, gear ripped out of my hands and destroyed.  I went through several beat downs and as I was coming up towards the surface, I would end up under kelp beds that had been ripped up and were now floating midway in the water column.  I would have to fight my way out from under the kelp and would barely make it up for a breath before the repeat cycle.  Almost died.

Best move(s)?

Probably a push loop.  But always in the constant search for the best wave ride ever!