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Dana Miller

-Email:  Kazedoka@gmail.com
-Hometown:  Waves NC 
-Current location:  Pistol River OR
-Sponsors:  Big Winds, Chinook, DaKine, Goya, Hatteras Island Surf Shop, NoLimitz, NSI, Promotion
-Website:  www.Boardhead International.com
-Windsurfing:  1983  (would have gotten on it sooner but I hadn’t really seen it before that)
-Your car/windsurfing rig:  ’97 Ford E-150 

-Favorite Sailing Spot:

Wherever the waves show the most promise for good rides. Mostly the Cape Sebastian and the Rogue jetty lately.  And my favorite flat water spot right now (rivaling even “the reef” several miles out into the sound off Hatteras Island) would have to be the Crescent City harbor in a storm.   

-Favorite Rig Setup:

There’s nothing quite like getting to ride 4.7 or 4.5 rigged on my superlight 400 mast with one of my multi-fin Quatros in down the line conditions.  3.5 rigged on 355 with my sixty-something thruster is a gas and the turniest thing I have right now.  5.3/430 on my 92 Pyramid has been my jetty slayer.  

-Favorite Sesh Fuel:

Hot 10 grain cereal with fruit, nuts and rice milk.  Carbs rule!  Cliff bars in-between sessions. Dried fruit. Coffee!    

-Pre-sesh pump up music:

The sound of a solid swell cracking on the sand bar with the wind combing the trees like a frantic lover.  

-Post-sesh music:

The clanking of bottles and the sound of the hot tub pumps driving the water jets.

-Dream Session:

Mostly I dream of mast high plus in places like Cabo verde (bucket list item), Hookipa and Cape Sebastian. Yeah, the best I’ve had so far has been here in the Cape.  A dozen turns or more on each wave, well overhead, madd clean.  I’ve been posted up right here waiting for that to happen again.  And we’re due.  

-What you are working on now:

Smoother sailing.  Wave 360s.  More expressive airs.  Going to the next level with my forwards by adding a table tweak or boning them out in some way.  Helitacks on my weak side.  Stepping up my POV photography and videography.  Fin setups.  Board repairs. 

-Biggest pet peeve about windsurfing:

When masts break. It’s such a huge momentum killer for a sesh. You go from ruling the planet to taking your place in the food chain in a split second.  And that’s the main reason I switched to NoLimitz back in 1992.  

-Best move(s):

I feel my most shining moments come when I combine moves.  Like when I can get several different airs on the way out into a slashing cut onto an outside face with an expressive run down the line into a onehanded whitewater ride back to windward with a helitack kickout — or bear off to plane the inside jibe then huck a forward off the first whitewater section.  Rinse and repeat.

-What else do you like to see NoLimitz/ICE do?:

Mostly, I’m just completely freaked out about the superlight mast project — hoping that will be a huge priority because it will be such a boom for the freestyle crew, people learning to waterstart, lighter riders and anyone that values a purely magical feel to the rig handling.  And I’m further stoked that you guys are working so closely with the sail makers to keep tweaking the bends and layups of the entire mast line to maximize overall rig performance and compatabilities.  Yeah, it’s such an amazing time we live in.  

-Anything else to add?:

Just my respect and gratitude.  ___________/__