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Phil Soltysiak

Email: Phil@philipsoltysiak.com
Hometown: Markham, Ontario
Current location: Traveling the world windsurfing.
Sponsors: Starboard, Sailworks, Dakine, NoLimitz, Streamlined, Camaro Wetsuits, Peppers Eyeware, Bondic, Makani Fins 
Website: www.philipsoltysiak.com
Windsurfing since: 1997
Your car/Windsurfing Rig: My triple board bag does the job
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Matt Pritchard

Matt Pritchard

Email: matt@pritchardwindsurfing.com
Hometown: Canyon Lake, California
Current location: Maui, Hawaii
Sponsors: Gaastra Sails, Tabou Boards, DaKine, Kaenon Polarized, Streamlined, NoLimitz, Bern Helmets
Website: www.pritchardwindsurfing.com
Windsurfing since: 1986
Your car/Windsurfing Rig: Ford E-350 full of toys!


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Mike Burns

Email: mewindsurf@aol.com
Hometown: Oakdale, NY
Current location: Port Jefferson Station, NY
Sponsors: NoLimitz, Severne, Staboard, Chinook, Makani Fins, Ocean Air Sports 
Website: www.purewindsurfing.blogspot.com
Windsurfing since: 1992
Your car/Windsurfing Rig: Ford Expedition + 10′ box trailer
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Patrick Bergeron

Hometown: Québec / Maui
Current location: Québec / Maui
Sponsors: Sailworks, DaKine, NoLimitz
Windsurfing since: I can remember!
Your car/Windsurfing Rig: GMC Van
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Nick Dudet

Email: nicolasdk@gmail.com
Hometown: Cancun, Mexico
Current location: Maui, Hawai’i
Sponsors: NoLimitz, Simmer Style, Dakine, Goya Windsurfing, Chinook
Website: www.nicolasdudet.com
Windsurfing since: 2005
Your car/Windsurfing Rig: Toyota Matrix
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Kevin McGillivray

Email: wavesail@ymail.com
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Current location: Santa Barbara, CA
Sponsors: Nolimitz, Gaastra, Tabou, Pritchard Windsurfing, Kaenon Polarized
Windsurfing since: 1995
Your car/Windsurfing Rig: 1996 Toyota 4 Runner (327,000 miles!!!!)
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Wyatt Miller

Email: wyattmiller525@gmail.com
Hometown: Berkeley, Ca
Current location: La Ventana, Baja California Sur (Oct-March)  Gorge Summers,  SF in the middle
Sponsors: No Limitz, Starboard, Severne, Dakine, Makani Fins, Prolimit wetsuits
Website: www.prowindsurflaventana.com
Windsurfing since: Planing in the straps and harness since 13
Your car/Windsurfing Rig: E-350 Sportsmobile van with a 7.5L V8.  The fridge is the best part, haha.
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Dana Miller

-Email:  Kazedoka@gmail.com
-Hometown:  Waves NC 
-Current location:  Pistol River OR
-Sponsors:  Big Winds, Chinook, DaKine, Goya, Hatteras Island Surf Shop, NoLimitz, NSI, Promotion
-Website:  www.Boardhead International.com
-Windsurfing:  1983  (would have gotten on it sooner but I hadn’t really seen it before that)
-Your car/windsurfing rig:  ’97 Ford E-150 
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Royn Bartholdi

Email: royn@roynbartholdi.com

Hometown: Blaine MN, USA

Sponsors: NoLimitz, Chinook, Dakine, JP, Neil-Pryde, Promotion

Website: www.roynbartholdi.com

Windsurfing since: 1992

You car/Windsurfing Rig: 2000 Honda CRV with backseats removed. I can get 3 boards and all my gear inside while still maintaining 25 mpg.

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Sarah Hilder

-email: sarahk349 at gmail.com

-hometown: Latchbrook, Cornwall, UK

-current location: Latchbrook, Cornwall, UK

-sponsors: NoLimitz, Puravidaboardriders, C-Skins wetsuits, K4 fins, Simmer Style sails and boards and Crossfit Plymouth

-website: www.sarahk349.blogspot.co.uk

-windsurfing since: 2004

-your car/windsurfing rig: Ford Transit converted van!

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Serge Beumer

Email: searchbmr@yahoo.com
Hometown: Alkmaar, The Netherlands
Current location: Alkmaar, The Netherlands
Sponsors: mXr boards & fins, NoLimitz masts
Windsurfing since: 1985, South of France
Your car/Windsurfing Rig: 2001 Toyota Hi-Ace Van
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Windsurfing competition winners

Sean Aiken

-email: snaiken@aol.com

-hometown: Mt Vernon, WA

-current location: Hood River, OR

-sponsors: Nolimitz, Quatro, Naish, Chinook

-windsurfing since: 1982

-your car/windsurfing rig: 1971 VW Camper

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Jon Sassone

Email: windsass01@yahoo.com
Hometown: Smithtown, NY
Current location: Long Beach, NY
Sponsors: No Limitz, North Sails, Fanatic, Makani FIns, Hampton Watersports
Website: www.nolimitz.com
Windsurfing since: 1997
Your car/Windsurfing Rig: 2010 Subaru Outback 
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