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White Salmon, WA 98672

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Since 1989 NoLimitz has been a United States based company accomplishing all volume manufacturing, design and prototyping programs in house in the Columbia River Gorge. This allows us to reach the highest level of quality, consistency and value of our products. Having the best materials, engineering & manufacturing techniques, along with the best team riders in the world to test the products, you are left with the confidence that you are riding the best masts on the planet.

Our Parent Company

NoLimitz is part of the parent company Innovative Composite Engineering (ICE). The first product that ICE sold was a NoLimitz windsurfing mast back in 1989, and since has become an industry leader in composite design & manufacturing. Currently ICE builds components for the Aerospace, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Military, and Recreational industries.

ICE is located in the small town of White Salmon, WA in the area better known as “The Gorge”. The custom built 65,000 sq.  ft. manufacturing facility is located on a 13-acre campus between Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood, and for many is the perfect place to work and live.


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Quality Materials & Manufacturing

When most people hear “carbon fiber” they automatically think it is going to be great. However, just like anything else there are different levels of “carbon fiber”. Think comparing a Lamborghini to a Kia. Both are cars, but there are different levels of quality in carbon fiber, just like in automobiles.

At NoLimitz / Innovative Composite Engineering, we use only the highest aerospace grade certified materials. Why, you ask? When you are looking for the best consistency and  peak performing products, you need to start with the right materials. All of our materials are sourced in the USA, and are certified for AS9100C Aerospace quality standards. To learn more about what that means click the button below. One thing you don’t have to worry about with us is that we will not be cutting any corners to save cost.

 Fun Fact: Innovative Composite Engineering’s manufacturing consumes 16,000 lbs. of carbon fiber material every month!!

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Down The Line...

At Nolimitz / Innovative Composite Engineering we are currently gaining expertise and knowledge from projects in the Aerospace and other demanding industries. The key to our success as a company has been the diversity in our product and project portfolio. Both our companies are regularly looking for ways to increase our durability, reduce weight, and increase compatibility of our mast line and other products. There is no telling what great things are in the future for NoLimitz, but one thing is for certain, you can be confident you will be riding the most durable product out there.

NoLimitz is on a mission to further perfect the art of the windsurfing mast, and amplify the windsurfing experience.

Product Testimonial

“Nolimitz has been at the forefront of RDM mast technology for over 25 years and they continue to set the defacto standard for mast durability and high performance in extreme conditions.  As a sail designer I appreciate and rely on the consistency and accuracy of their mast curves to be able to make incremental developments to our sails.  Accept no substitute.”

-Bruce Peterson-

Sailworks owner & sail designer