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Phil Soltysiak

Email: Phil@philipsoltysiak.com
Hometown: Markham, Ontario
Current location: Traveling the world windsurfing.
Sponsors: Starboard, Sailworks, Dakine, NoLimitz, Streamlined, Camaro Wetsuits, Peppers Eyeware, Bondic, Makani Fins 
Website: www.philipsoltysiak.com
Windsurfing since: 1997
Your car/Windsurfing Rig: My triple board bag does the job

Favorite Sailing Spot:

I have a lot of fun on Brazil’s North East coast every fall. There’s strong wind every day, sun, warm water, and a Brazilian lifestyle.

Favorite Rig Setup:

4.2 Sailworks Revo rigged on the Nolimitz Sumo of course, and my Flare 91 freestyle board.

Favorite Sesh Fuel:

Bananas, nature’s energy bar.

Pre-sesh pump up music:

Something loud and full of energy so I can imagine and get pumped for a perfect session.

Dream Session:

Good wind for 4.2, on the water with only a few friends, some good waves for jumping and a long period creating flat water between the waves.

What you are working on now:

Double power moves like double culo, and moves like air skopu and air kabikuchi

Scariest moment sailing ever:

Swimming with a dislocated shoulder between Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Best move(s)?

Double culo in freestyle and goiter in the waves.

What else about NoLimitz?

I loved a tour of the factory and getting to see how the masts are made. I also love the durability of the masts and never having to worry about them breaking.

Anything else to add?:

Get yourself a NoLimitz mast, you’ll never regret it. And if you’re in the Gorge see if you can score a quick visit to the factory.